GBTA Hotel RFP Global Format : A Hands-On Tutorial to Collect and Review Data Relevant to You

Tue. April 17| 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM | Room 801B

This session is a hands on "how to" for use of the GBTA Hotel RFP Global Format.

The purpose of the presentation is three-fold:

Increase Awareness of the Hotel RFP Functionality & Flexibility
Provide education to direct members, to get them engaged in using the form
Respond to challenges/perceptions of the format that need addressing

Type: Education Session

Track: Lodging


Mira Rosenzweig

Mira Rosenzweig

Director of Travel Services

KBB Partners

Role: Panelist

Glenn Erickson

Glenn Erickson

Director of Business Development & Support

Nexus World Services, a Sabre Company

Role: Presenter