The X, Y, Z's of Travel Management: The Next Areas to Add and Integrate into a Basic Managed Travel Program

Tue. April 17| 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM | Room 801B

This interactive session will be presented in two consecutive parts, A and B. Part A will cover some of the lower profile topics, such as non-employee travel and the organization's BTA policy, that travel managers will want to address after implementing the basic ABC's of travel management. Participants should review their organization's BTA policy prior to this session to enhance the discussion.

Part B will review descriptive statistics and demonstrate how they can provide insights and make travel and expense programs more efficient. Attend this session if you want to build on the ABC's you have in place and ensure that you have a comprehensive program scope.

Type: Education Session

Track: Program Strategy


Rick Wakida

Rick Wakida

Global Travel Manager


Role: Presenter