Once upon a time - Storytelling in Presentations

Mon. April 16| 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM | Room 801B

Attend this session if you have to craft and deliver Sales Presentations and wish to make them more engaging, memorable and effective.

"Once upon a time" has to be one of the most engaging phrases we have ever heard. But why?

In order for your Sales Presentation to be persuasive, your message must be understood, remembered and have a lasting impact, in other words, your message must 'stick'. One of the most effective ways of accomplishing this is through Story. Neuroscience research has proved that not only do our brains become more active when we tell stories, the brains of the storyteller and listener may actually synchronize – true connection.

In this interesting, informative and enjoyable session you will craft and share a success story of your own and learn at least three practical ideas, tips or strategies on how to make the power of story enhance your very next presentation!

Type: Kick-Start

Track: Leadership


Doug Carter

Doug Carter


Presentations Etc. Inc.

Role: Presenter