How Does Your Travel Program Influence Employee Recruitment and Retention?

Mon. April 16| 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM | Room 801A

Both as a business and as an employer, organizations are facing increased competition and faster changes. This session focuses on the role of business travel in attracting, keeping, and motivating the people you need for your team's success and agility.

Candidates today are more likely to question travel policies and evaluate the cost of travel friction to their wellbeing. It is not uncommon for top talent to reject a job offer or leave a job based on how travel and work-life balance is managed in the organization.

This session will explore how to effectively communicate your travel program as part of the total rewards offer. It will highlight strategies for providing the flexibility and work-life balance that employees value now more than ever, and how to discuss associated benefits and challenges in recruitment and selection.

Furthermore, attendees will learn how to leverage the business travel experience to benefit the employee experience. The session will outline strategies for employee engagement and retention, including a traveller-focused framework and clear expectations. Through shared objectives, metrics, and continuous listening, leaders can offer employees greater purpose, collaboration, and growth.

Ultimately, engaging and enabling employees leads to better customer experiences and better business results. The practices discussed in this session can help you realize efficiencies and overcome barriers to agility by unleashing the power of your people.

Type: Kick-Start

Track: Leadership


Pauline James

Pauline James


Anchor HR

Role: Presenter