Gender, Ethnicity, Sexuality, Travel Risks - Is Your Program As Diverse As Your Expats?

Tue. April 17| 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM | Room 801A

Respondents to an Ipsos poll ranked Canada as the 9th most concerned country in terms of immigration control, just one spot above Turkey.

Roughly 6,000 asylum seekers were granted expedited work permits out of 32,000 that arrived in Canada since the beginning of 2017.

The Canadian government's target of 1 million new immigrants through 2020, widespread uncertainty created with the NAFTA re-negotiations and legislation like Quebec's Bill 62, a "religious neutrality" law which bans a person from covering their face while either giving or receiving public services, has placed risk averse Canadian organizations with cross-border employment relationships in a challenging position.

This presentation is designed to provide Canadian business leaders who manage expats and have cross-border relationships, with the necessary insight to manage and implement effective travel risk management and employee support programs for victims of racism, discrimination, harassment and assault during their stay in Canada and/or while abroad.

Type: Education Session

Track: Program Strategy


Lisa Arredondo

Lisa Arredondo

Director Of Strategic Development

FocusPoint International, Inc.

Role: Presenter